Not a new member, just a lazy one

Not a new member, just a lazy one

G’Day there. My name is Simon. This is my introduction to NPN.

I joined NPN about 5 or 6 years ago, but have done nothing with it. Read a few articles and that’s been about it. Work and lifestyle sort of put doing things on the back burner. I am a member of The Australian Photographic Society (APS) and also did little with that over the years. The odd convention here and there. A couple of years ago I retired, and interestingly enough I seem to have less time for things now then when I worked.

I’m fairly passionate about photography and I’m out shooting most days. I stuck my hand up to be the editor of the APS digital groups newsletter, The Monitor, when they called for volunteers. Now it has developed into more of an eMagazine. I joined the local art gallery. I have become more active in my local Camera Club. Yesterday I posted a couple of shots. Then I read it is supposed to be one per day…whoops.

I will endeavour to become more active with NPN. I like what I see and I do enjoy reading the articles. So that is me, sort of a new member, but not.


Bring it on Simon. :slight_smile: Glad to meet you.

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Hi Simon, it sounds like you are busy rather than lazy. I have my hands in a few pots myself, so I relate. Looking forward to seeing your photos. By the way, it is limited only to one per category here at NPN per day, so if you shoot say landscape, floral, macro, etc., that gives you a chance to upload one in each of the categories that you would have a photo that would fit into. I hope that helps.


Welcome Simon, looking forward to seeing more of your work!

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Excellent, Simon, glad you hear you’ll be more active. I know what you mean by having less time now that you’re retired!! I’m kinda in the same boat. Can’t wait to see your work.