One More Snowy Egret

Here’s another recent one from Louisiana. I was lucky that first day because of manageable soft light, and I was fortunate to get an unobstructed pose. Cropped from left, about 90% of FF to remove a couple of branches and to decenter a little.

7D2, 400 DO II with 1.4x, on Sidekick & GT2531, ISO 400 1/1600 f/6.3 -1/3EV

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.
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Love the composition with the soft background and how well the egret stands out against the leaves. Nice detail and I’m glad you got the feet in the shot.

Very well composed image. The bird stands out quite well against the mostly in focus perch and near background. Good job on the color and detail in the white plumage. I think this works better in the shade that it would in bright sun.

A lovely composition, Bill. Great pose and all the lines seem to slant up and to the right which is pretty cool. It looks to me as if you could bring the plumage up a bit.

I like this capture Bill - the whites stand out well from the background and are well exposed. I also like that we can see those golden slippers amongst the interesting vegetation. Nicely done.

Bill: I think you have a fine image here. Nice placement of the Egret and a nice environment as well.

I see a yellow/green cast to the image and believe the plumage of the bird could be a bit brighter and still show a bit more detail. I took the image into PS. I first dealt with the color cast. It wasn’t much, but it did alter the image. Worked a bit a luminosity mask to target the plumage and then worked a bit to bring out more detail in the feathers. Finally a small vignette to highlight the bird even more. See what you think.

Thank you @Allen_Sparks, @Keith_Bauer, @Allen_Brooks, @David_Schoen & @Dennis_Plank. What appealed to me is how the whites in the partially overcast light stood out against the BG. It was pretty breezy that day, and I think the motion blur worked in my favor to help “defocus” some of the surrounding foliage. Thanks again, guys.

This is a gorgeous photo, Bill! Exposure, lighting, background, composition and everything else is superb in this image! The slight brightness and contrast enhancement plus sharpening tweaks that Keith did was an excellent boost and makes it more 3D. You definitely have a wall hanger here in my opinion! :+1: