Pinball Wizard

Terrific entries for the WC this week. Great topic and wouldn’t you know it I got to spend time along the river last week… Actually, this one isn’t on the river, but a spring. And an oft photographed spring at that. Been photographed a gazillion times, but that just means there’s a challenge out there to find something refreshing.

You may not see the pinball reference, but it struck me (ever so lightly) how the water flows through the scene from top to bottom, different paths and then the sweeping curve in the lower right - like a tube or channel one might see in the bed of a pinball game? Do I just have a wild imagination?

Single frame, converted to b&w in PS.

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What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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Nikon D800E, 28-300mm @78mm f/18 .4s iso 400

Great title, Lon. Don’t see the flippers, or Roger Daltrey, although I can’t help but notice the dizzying motion of so many pinballs bouncing of off bumpers, not to mention the nice terracing. It also makes for a fine silvery B&W presentation.

Lon: I had to laugh at the pinball title. In our video game age I wonder how many folks here have even seen a pinball machine. I spent many evenings in college at a burger joint across the street from the Optometry building in Bloomington stuffing quarters into a machine and tilting away. But I digress; this is a wonderful image with great flow and a fine conversion. :bell::bell::bell::bell::+1::+1:>=))>

I can see the reference, Lon, particularly in the lower part of the frame. I really love the different textures that one shutter speed produced in the water here. A fine image.

Love the title and above comments :smiley:

This has a great flow, and the texture is perfect. It makes a classically strong BW. I don’t have much to suggest here, except maybe playing with a “two-corner” vignette idea to help emphasize the flow. (Easier to show than describe.)

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Lon, this is a beauty. I’m especially attracted to the difference in texture between the sharp, clear flow over the top step and the more blurred flows below. The eye movement down to and around the lower stones works great.

Very nice, Lon. This is a fine take on the spring and I quite like the B&W rendition.

Nice work, Lon. B&W looks great. I wish I had the eye to pick out these smaller vignettes.

This is a flat out gorgeous B&W image with a wide range of tones and textures, Lon. I particularly like the diagonal water movement as it winds its way around and over the rocks in the scene. The silver tones in the water are very captivating and your chosen SS has created some lovely details to compliment them. No suggestions from me.