Little River and Shoal Waters

I have to admit that whenever I go to GSMNP, regardless time of year, invariably I spend more time working the moving waters, largely ignoring all the beautiful scenery (well…fall being one possible exception). So needless to say out of truckloads of those files, I’m working overtime to decide what else to post. Anyhow this is my next offering, framed with a bit of the far bank included just for a little sense of place.

E-5 Zuiko 11-22 @22, ISO 100 1/4sec f/8 0.0EV

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Bill: Beautiful color palette and flow. I have to admit though that my eye goes immediately to the URC and my conventional brain prefers this with that corner cropped away so that the frame is filled with the just the brush strokes of the stream. >=))>

A couple of months ago I was at a talk by a landscape photographer who kept stressing the importance of having an “anchor” in the image. I’m very glad you didn’t take that advice in this image. I love the feeling of vlow through this image.

After viewing the image, I read Bill’s comment and found he said exactly what I was thinking. I love the abstract water, and would take it further with the crop.

An interesting alternative view, Bill, with the flow going left to right (as compared with your previous views going right to left). That as well as the mix of blues and whites makes for a very different feeling. I like the strong sense of movement and especially the splash areas along the bottom. The rocks at the top do give a nice sense of place. At the same time, I wonder about a view with the camera tilted down just a bit more…


I think my favorite of your recent water images. Interesting too, the change in angles and light to get the blues instead of the warmer tones. And this one has both! I love the feathery effect with the given shutter speed - very light and airy like.

I’m wondering about dodging the LLC. Normally, the darker corner like this is a nice vignette. But just thinking it’s too dark for the overall tone? No biggie, just an observation.

Love the flow too. Wonderful imagery.


I also would favor a crop off the top as suggested. Lovely water movement below and a real nice dynamic there. There is something mesmerizing about flowing water.

Bill, I am late to the party but I love this image. Probably my favorite of your recent flowing water images. Regarding the URC, I wouldn’t crop it off because I think it adds a very nice balance to the bottom part but I would definitely reduce the contrast in that area.