Pleading its case

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Tooling around back roads in Marathon county and just had to stop for this barn. The farm house is abandoned as well, but I think the fields are still worked since there was a lot of mud and tracks in the driveway. Possibly this is trying to be saved though judging by the giant tarp.

Specific Feedback

Too boring? Without trespassing it’s hard to shoot this kind of thing with any distinction, so going for a documentary approach. I do like the ditch weeds though.

Technical Details



Lr for some basics, but nothing major. The usual s-curve and some masks to add texture & clarity to the barn, but reduce it in the closest weeds. Cropped to 16x10.

At first glance it’s just another old barn, Kris, but that tarp raises all kinds of questions as does the obviously mowed area around it. Living in an area with far too many unused agricultural buildings, I’m gratified that there’s an opening in the barn and at least one of the silos to let the birds use them.

Kris, If that barn could talk, the stories it would tell. I’ll bet it still houses the tractors that work the land. Cheaper to fix the roof with a tarp then replace it. A tighter shot of the barn and silos would have ben nice but I like the FG as it is. It gives it depth.

Thanks @Dennis_Plank & @SkipsPics - yeah, these old barns have seen a lot and most are still valued even if the farming situation has changed. I think the same pick up truck with some guys in it went by me twice while I shot, probably to make sure I obeyed the No Trespassing sign!

I love old barns, so I appreciate you sharing this, Kris. I saw it yesterday but was busy and didn’t get around to commenting. I kind of wish they didn’t have the blue tarp on, and the whole roof would have showed it’s weathered look as the rest of the barn, but they probably did it to stop some leaks. May have some equipment there, or maybe they plan to fix it up to use.

Thanks @Shirley_Freeman - yeah, I’d prefer a cohesive roof, but I think this is a practical measure. Full timber roofs with tar shingles are notoriously difficult to maintain.

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