This is a springtime image of a Red Wing Black Bird in a marsh with this interesting looking weed/plant that was all around the swamp. Not sure what it is but I thought it made for an interesting looking perch. It was barely strong enough to hold the bird up. The background is more of the same and some greenery quite a distance off.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome.

Technical Details

600mm, f/5.6, ISO 1250, 1/800 second, Manual Mode

This is really pleasant. The red plants are great and so delicate. No idea what they are, but very nice. The soft pastel greens in the background are also really nice.

My first reaction was that I was uncomfortable with the crop and negative space on top. I still can’t decide. I played a bit with added canvas on the bottom (which came out really bad!!) but gave me a little hint. It was OK, but not great. Don’t know what was in the original composition.

Very interesting image.

I like the soft background and colorful foreground foliage. The RWB looks comfy on its perch. I like the composition and overall feel of the image.

Hi David, I really like the pose of the bird with the backwards glance and nice view of the red wing patch. Good details in the blacks of the bird. I’m fine with this composition even though I think taking a tad off the top would work also. Nice frame.

Hi David
I kind of like the open space. I am still working one my first really good looking Red wing Black Bird. Your photograph give me hope. Very nice looking Red wing Black Bird.

Than you @Keith_Bauer, @Allen_Sparks, @Allen_Brooks, @peter for your comments and suggestions on this one. I kind of wanted this to be more of an environment shot but I will see about cropping a little bit tighter to see what I can come up with and do an edited post.
Thanks again.

The bird looks very sharp with nice tonal detail. It feels too lost in the frame for me and I’d consider a significant crop from the top and left. You’d still be able to keep it off center.