Sandstone Sculpture in Capitol Gorge

For several years Capitol Reef has been a favorite place, and the main attraction for me is along the unpaved section in Capitol Gorge.

Olympus E-3, Zuiko 50-200 @80, ISO 100 f/8

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Boy, where do I begin. I immediately like it as soon as I see the thumbnail of this image, Bill. The composition is a reminiscent of windows on a high rise building, compartmentalized. It feels very “organic”.

Bill, I too really like the "architectural feeling that this view creates. It’s pretty amazing how rocks can erode under specific conditions. The warmth and the shapes make this a very attractive image.

A lovely formation with wonderful colors and curves, Bill.

I know this formation and nice view of it too. I might add a little vibrance, but overall I find it works quite well.

Thanks @Adhika_Lie, @Dennis_Plank and @Harley_Goldman,for the comments. I never considered the architectural interpretation, but I see it now. Harley, interesting you mention that you know this location. As a matter of fact, I’ve taken other shots here on different trips. This spot has a certain appeal to me. Thanks again.

Bill whiles the shapes and textures here are great, its the warm reflected light here that adds such a richness to the image. Reflected light is one of my favorite things about shooting in canyon country. Lots to appreciate in this image. This formation also looks very similar to one of my favorite spots in the Valley of Fire SP. Really nice work here.