Stumped again + v2

Version 2:


Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


It’s winter, which means it’s time to pay attention to my favorite backyard stump… In this instance I was struck by the “castle on the ridge” feeling with the nice mix of wood and moss. Overcast skies let the greens and the details in the wood show well. The background is fallen leaves.

Interesting that the software is now showing 3 of my “stump” photos from last year at the bottom of the page. Do others get those as well?

Technical Details

R5, 180mm macro, 1/20 s, f/14, tripod and 2 s timer. A 30 shot stack.

Mark, I sure enjoy your stump. It is so photogenetic. At first glance, it looks like a landscape photo of a rocky area. Upon a closer look with the moss on it, you realize that is a small scene and that the “rock” is wood. Very nicely seen and captured. The only thing that I might would try is if you have some more room to the right, to include it so that that dark area doesn’t run out of the frame, as it seems to want to draw my eye just a bit. I’m sure there are many angles that you can pursue, and even closer shots, making this an endless subject, and a very interested one. You don’t even need to leave home either. What a blessing. Looking forward to some more shots that you may take of this old stump.

Nice choice of depth to portray here, Mark. I like the composition and the detail is fascinating.

I’m getting the same sort of thing. Instead of displaying recent topics below, the site is no showing “Related Topics”. I’m not sure I particularly care for it as I used to be able to go right to the next topic down there, but there is a Next Topic button at the top I can use, so it’s not a big deal.

Shirley, this is a full frame view, so to fix the edge, I’d need to go back (darn it… :wink:) and reshoot from slightly further away. However, since it’s a stack, I went back to the stacking program and reworked that area from a shot where that moss on the right is out of focus. This is something that I thought about at the time, but had decided to keep the bit of moss on the right sharp. Now you can compare both versions…I like v2 better. If you compare the two, you’ll see several other “fixes”.

Mark, I like version 2 better too. I didn’t realize it would make that much difference. :+1: :+1:

Hi Mark, well I too love moss covered stumps any time of the year. I do see some improvements in V2, so your efforts helped. Nice and sharp, as I’d expect from a stack. I can imagine a moat ringing it and an approaching army ready to breach the walls :wink:. Nicely presented.

Mark: Great to have a familiar and cooperative subject to work. I like the original but do feel the revision is a slight improvement. Thanks for all you do for the community and may you continue to have great subjects and even better light.>=))>

Jim, guess I need to buy some medieval army figures and place them appropriately…