Summer Blues

I captured this image last month in the High Sierra about midway through my oatmeal. I had shot a nearly cloudless golden hour with only a few wisps of clouds, folded up my tripod and headed back for some java and oatmeal. A short while later clouds started to billow in from the south. The light was getting more interesting by the minute as it raked across this granite face. I remembered this foreground from the day before and ran to this spot. I’m a slow learner but gradually learning to look for opportunities outside of magic hour - a couple of years ago I would have totally missed seeing this light. This is blend of three exposures. One for foreground focus and two to catch different areas of the peak highlighted.

5DSr, 16-35 f/4 @ 21mm.


It would not be polite to argue with you about being a slower learner :grinning: , but this one is really sweet. Love the light and the rich colors, especially the contrast of the blues and gray sky. I might add in a little breathing room space on the bottom edge, but not a big deal. Looks great.

Dave, this is a fabulous photo. I love it. The colors and composition are exquisite! Well done.

Lovely David I like the glacial blues in the rippled ice sheet.

This is a fabulous image Dave. You have captured some real nice dappled light on the mountain.

Agree with the breathing room comment. Sure is a nice scene! Luminance looks perfect throughout. No other comments. Fantastic.

What a marvelous image. I agree that the sky adds so much here. There are so many interesting components to this image. So much to explore. I can’t think any way to improve this. Bravo.

I see a lot of lines in the distant snow on the mountain. What causes that?

This is really well done, Dave. Masterfully processed and thought out in the field. (Despite being a slow learner.). Well worth the cold coffee and oatmeal. I hope you were able to capture some of the abstract opportunities in the snowfield and reflection in the foreground.

I have said this before, but they don’t call the Sierra the Range of Light for nothing! This is gorgeous, and nicely processed. No nits from me.

Dave, nothing but superlatives from me on this one! Simply a stunner!

So much to love. The blue water, the composition, the reflection, the light spilling into the scene… Very nice image Dave!

This is spectacular Dave. In the big view, the snow cups mid-ground are just delightful to explore.

This is great as presented but I might be inclined to crop down from the top just a tish to eliminate the two lighter areas of cloud and, if you have it, add a tish of space at the bottom to give the snow a little leg room.


Who needs oatmeal! :slight_smile: Those blues in the fg are so intense and beautiful! A beautiful scene. I’m for giving the snow a bit more space in the fg too, or if impossible, cropping/cutting it a bit more. Just nitpicking.

Thanks for the comments and suggestions @Harley_Goldman, @Tony_Siciliano, @Ian_Cameron, @Eva_McDermott, @Jim_McGovern, @Gary_Phillips, @Preston_Birdwell, @Alan_Kreyger, @John_Williams, @Marylynne_Diggs, @Ron_Jansen.
Several comments mentioned adding a bit of breathing room at the bottom. I have a bit of cropped image I can work back in.
@Igor_Doncov, thanks for your comments. We were admiring those braided melt patterns on the slopes as well. Unfortunately I only lugged my wide-angle lens so it was not possible to isolate. I have no idea how they form.

Hate to steal a line from a fellow photog, but this is tresmendous. Only small nit is breathing room at bottom as others have mentioned.

Dave: Marvelous scene superbly captured and presented. I especially like the textures in the ice and snow in the largest version. Most excellent.>=))>


EPIC. Rare that I have few words to offer. My favorite element is the reflection of the peak.


Thanks for sharing your comments, suggestions @Michael_Lowe, @Bill_Fach, @Lon_Overacker. Appreciated.

Beautiful, Dave. I love your composition and the light is just plain gorgeous. You have so many wonderful elements in this, and while they are so very different from each other, they really don’t compete with each, instead complementing one another to make this a really special image. I do have one small nit about the light on the mountain face; I think some added contrast might help that. I downloaded it and tried a couple of TK’s Lum. Masks and changed it up a wee bit for your consideration.



@Bill_Chambers, thanks for taking the time to tweak the file, Bill. I see where your headed with increased contrast. I’ll have to play around with it some more. Very helpful input!