Swamp Lily in a Slough

It’s not often I see these in my local wanderings, but I ran across this yesterday morning in Picayune, MS.

Many of you know from my body of work that I prefer to show natural scenes with little or no special artistic alterations or embellishments. And I am fully aware of a few things I can do to better present this image, but still I would invite all comments and let you guys give your opinions.

Olympus OM-D mk2, Zuiko 50-200 @150 (an old favorite lens!), with MMF-2 adapter, ball head & tripod, 1 second delay, ISO 200 f/9 -1/3EV

Bill, I have no problem with any of this. Looks good to me.

Hi Bill,

Looks very good and the darkness of the BG helps to isolate the flowers from the BG. Well done…Jim


This is a very nice image and your stated goal is met. As you did put this in critiques, I offer one small thing. The upper right corner keeps drawing my eye. You might want to darken that just a bit.

Bill, this is a very strong image, with a great nature story. And good job with a challenging depth of field situation, the flowers look very sharp. The processing of exposure and contrast looks very good to me. My only suggestions for improvement would be to add a stronger vignette (similar to Kathy’s comment), and I would crop a slight bit from the right. I would crop the right to have the same amount of space between the frame edge and flower as you do on the left side, IMO this would help balance the image better.

Bill, this looks great as presented. Getting the stamen on the top two flowers to stand out from the background works very well. That dragonfly looks like a blue dasher, which tells me that these flowers are large.

Bill: Superb capture of the flowers and the dragonfly party crasher is a nice bonus. With regard to presentation my first impression on opening the image was to do a vignette that would take down all of the corners, especially the URC. Nice find and an excellent image. >=))>

Gorgeous Shot, Bill, and I really like your composition and exposure. Swamp Lilies are among my favorite flowers and I’m fortunate to see them fairly often as I canoe.