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Updated - Flipped the image horizontally…

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Belted Kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon)

I watched this fellow on the post getting a little fidgety and figured he might be about to take off. Fortunately I was able to catch this one decent shot. I usually miss them altogether because they’re so fast…

Specific Feedback

Any comments appreciated. As always, looking to see if the colors look good.

Technical Details

600mm, 1/1600 sec @ f/8, ISO 6400

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Excellent, David. Great timing. I don’t have enough of these even perched, let alone taking off. I never realized what tiny legs and feet they have. It seems odd for a perching bird, but it probably helps in their burrows.

David, I don’t do any avian, but me being ex-Air Force this guy reminds me of a late model fighter jet taking off. Excellent detail here… :+1:
Any thoughts of warming it a bit by pulling the overall Cyan down?.. :thinking:

Wonderful catch with a great “pose” and lovely perch and BG!!! Colors look great to me – there is a touch of cyan in the whites but that fits with the light. I’m too jealous to comment further! :wink:

Hi David, terrific image! Awesome take off pose. Wonderful background too. It is so tough to anticipate their moves so this is great IMO.

David, getting close enough to actually see one of these birds in the frame is a huge challenge, which makes getting one in action like this pretty amazing. Your comp. looks good.

@Dennis_Plank, @Paul_Breitkreuz, @Diane_Miller, @Allen_Sparks, and @Mark_Seaver thank you for the kind comments.

I added a slightly warmer version above…

Thanks again,

Much cleaner whites there, David… :+1:

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A vast improvement in the repost, David.

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Nice improvement!!

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Superb capture, David. These are little speed demons and very difficult to get close to. They don’t like people. I love the perch and the background as well as the wings up and feet down position you captured. Really beautiful redo also.

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Thanks David. It was a lucky grab of these fast little ones.