Tazetta daffodil

This is my first uploading! I photographed it in a tiny park near my home. I used wide aperture for blurred background. White blurred flowers at the lower left were put in from another shot.
What do you think about this manipulation?

Specific Feedback Requested

Any critique or comments are welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
Canon EOSRP, Canon Macro 180mm, f3.5

Naofumi: Welcome to NPN in general and to Flora in particular. This is a very well done first post. I like the OOF flowers in the LLC. My only suggestion would be to make the leaf tip emerging from that area go away and would probably make the base of that leaf disappear as well. Great to have you aboard and looking forward to more of your work. >=))>

Naofumi, welcome to NPN. Such a nice first post. I love white daffodils. I like the out of focus ones you added, they are almost like a reflection of those in focus. I agree with Bill, and like what he did. I think it improved the image. Looking forward to more of your images here.

Welcome to NPN, Naofumi. This is a beautiful photo of the daffodils. I do agree with @Bill_Fach and @Shirley_Freeman about the adjustments they have suggested. And I am also looking forward to more of your photos.

Hello Bill, Shirley and Linda. Thank you for your kind comments. I’m grateful for your suggestion and rework, Bill. It really makes the image clearer. I’m currently studying photography by myself. Therefor all of your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated, but I’m afraid of my poor English.

Please do not worry about your English, @Nao_Koju. Photography is a universal language and just looking at your lovely flowers makes me smile. Thank you for posting it.

Linda, thank you for your heart-warming comment.

Naofumi: I would be more afraid of my non-existent Japanese :wink:. Your image speaks well for itself. >=))>

Very interesting concept. The halo around the daffodil is my favorite feature of the image. Do think that feature would stand out more if the two out of focus flowers weren’t quite so bright or had a lower opacity. I’m so glad you decided to join us here at NPN. Your imagination shines!

Patricia, you are right! I wasn’t sure how bright those blurred flowers should be. But as you pointed out, bright blurs may take away viewers attention from the main subject.

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Naofumi, Lovely daffodils captured well. I like the halo around the flowers. Agree with Bill about the corrections he made. Re-work looks better. Nicely visualized.

Oh my gosh, it will be 3 more months until I see my daffodils again, so thanks for a little glimpse of Spring!