The Eyes

This I guess is the female of the species. This one is slightly larger in size, and around 3mm.
Used the same macro set up to get this output.
6DII, Carl Zeis 50mm, 36mm Extn Tubes, Raynox DCR250
ISO 800, F5.6, 1/500

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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Balan, This is another wonderful capture of the Jumping Spider. The sharpness of her pretty eyes and face are spot on. Your macro set up seems to be working well for you with these spiders, especially. I do find my eyes being pulled away for a moment from the subject to the bright green leaves/stocks in the LLC. I don’t know if you were to dodge and burn a bit there that it would help or not. Just a thought. It is a really nice macro shot as is.

Shirley. Thanks for your comments. At this point am still working on getting close and getting the dof right. Hopefully I would get to a stage where I get the comp in place. Working hard to get control of the equipment. Hence wanted to present things without much alterations. It’s comments from you all that keeps improving my work.

Wonderfully sharp on her eyes! These little spiders are my favourite. I like the composition, but find the bright area bottom left distracts me. A wee curve layer masked off would help hugely. :slight_smile:

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I hear you, Balan! I have trouble watching the background, etc., through the viewfinder while working with these tiny little critters. It is after I pull it up on the big screen that I can see the distractions. I should go to live view on things this tiny, but I get excited, and think I am seeing all I need to see, just get the shot! I am totally impressed with your images of the spiders with your set up.

Balan, the eyes are spectacular. The bright green background adds well also. I think you could crop this to square around the spider. That would get rid of most (or even all) of the sharper foreground leaves and really focus attention on the spider.

Balan: Great capture of the star of the show. I agree with Mark about cropping all the stuff on the left. >=))>

Hi Balan, Beautiful Sharp eyes - and beautiful output from star combination of Zeiss and Raynox . The male version will be a grade+ because of those additional peacock colors. Of course very difficult to compose as you see lot of obstacles in front of your lens when you go ground level. Well done.