Thirty Five Below

Ok, it wasn’t 35 below zero when I shot these images but it was still really cold. It was actually 35 below when I worked on this image a couple weeks ago.

This didn’t start out as a triptych but rather as a single image. I was out shooting in a local city park and I shot the image on the left. When I got home and I looked at it on the computer I immediately thought that it would look great as part of a triptych so I went back to the park a few days later and shot the other two images.

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35 below is a tough hang. Glad it wasn’t that cold. This is a lovely series and works as a triptych quite well. The extreme high key effect works, too, although I am curious about the snow itself. Its texture and color. Those kinds of details add ambience for me when I do these myself. Nice work.

Nice triptych here, Tom. And the high key processing works especially well with the digital framing too…

Thank you @Kris_Smith and @David_Bostock for your comments. They are much appreciated!

Nice grouping of images. I like the way you have used the L&R images to put a natural frame around the center image. For me, blowing out the whites enhances the shapes and forms of the plants a bit but it also removes any sense of place. If you are up for it, try putting some detail back around the plant bases. Then fading out or blurring to white in the BG. This might require a diagonal fade on both ends to match the plant placements.

A beautifully composed triptych. I love the way you composed the angles of the L and R plants to match the vertical central one. For me there is enough snow detail at the bases and on the stalks - more snow detail would distract. I hope you’re not unhappy with this, Tom (forgive the pun!).

What a wonderful grouping. I love the simplicity of these photos. Your arrangement of them is right on.

Really nice high key images, Tom, both individually, each on their own and your arrangement of them as a triptych.

Really nice Triptych Tom. I agree with @Kerry_Gordon that each of these individually and in triptych form are really nice images but I love the triptych. Nice high key presentation. This is well done. I think I like this one better than your Grand Prismatic Springs Triptych.

@Guy_Manning , @Mike_Friel , @Chris_Baird , @Kerry_Gordon , and @David_Haynes - thank you all for your kind words. I’m glad you like the image because I really enjoyed creating it.
I appreciate your suggestion Guy and I will try putting some detail back around the bases of the grasses like you suggest. At least to see whether I like it better or not.

Tom: I’m really late to this party but this is a fine effort in capture, composition and presentation. Superbly crafted image(s). >=))>

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Thanks @Bill_Fach, I appreciate your kind words!