Undervalued 2

Sony A77II
Sony 70-400G-II @ 300mm
ISO 200, 1/320 @ f8
This weekly challenge is right up my alley since at least 90% of my images are made within 100 feet of our house thanks to the gardening skill of my wife Chrissy. I rarely shoot this Rose of Sharon despite it being a prolific and perennial bloomer. I generally find the center somewhat chaotic and difficult to compose but this one with the little garland of buds caught my eye. Maybe I need to pay it more attention. For a slightly different take look at Undervalued. All comments welcome. >=))>

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I am totally enjoying both of these images Bill. Just love all the detail you are able to achieve in these beautiful white hibiscus. Truly nicely done.

Undervalued must be a good name, Bill, because I am late coming in on commenting on both of them! So I must have undervalued them. I love the Rose of Sharon. Both shots are beautiful.

I am immediately drawn to the sharp edges around the flower, the center and 2 leaves & buds at the top. Even the fine texture of ridges in the petals is clear. I love the colors. Yellowish bottom leaves in BG look a litte bright…something I am constantly dealing with in my flower shots.

Bill, we have a ton of Rose of Sharon in our yard, in a wide variety of colors. I’m like you in thoroughly enjoying their presence (numerous blooms from midsummer through now). I have also found them hard to photograph, especially the white ones with the extra bits in the center. This is a fine view, with the clear bloom along with the good looking buds and leaves.

Complementary color contrast works well. I am enjoying the details and the comp.

A beautiful flower and an excellent photo, Bill! I like that everything is in focus and a bit surprised that you could do that @ f/8.0. The buds and leaves at the top really add to the image and are what makes it special for me. Nice job!