We Should All Take Time to Stop and Smell the.......Butterflies?

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


A stray cat that decided to come live with us, and follows me pretty much everywhere I go. I was trying to photograph the butterflies that were all over this Buttonbush, and his curiosity was really piqued by all the fluttering. For the most part, he just sat and watched the show with me.

Specific Feedback

Nothing comes to mind except is this the correct category for posting this image?

Technical Details


Canon RF 100-500mm, processed in ACR and PSE for exposure and cropping, Topaz DeNoise


Absolutely the correct category, Terry, and a wonderful image. This category is for images of domestic animals, wild animals under captivity or wild animals in an obviously human environment.

I love this image. The cat’s face and the butterfly are both nice and sharp and the typical cat personality comes through beautifully. A great catch and very well photographed.

Thanks @Dennis_Plank. I thought the image was too fun not to post!

Adorable, Terry. What a great capture.

Thanks @linda_mellor. We were both having a good time.

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Wonderful image here, Terry. Our 16 old cat loves watching butterflies inflight. He too, like this cat, is very curious and also totally non destructive at all. Thanks for sharing… :sunglasses:

Thanks @Paul_Breitkreuz. Yeah, he was more curious than anything. After checking this one out, he just came over and sat beside me and watched.

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What a wonderful, delightful image!!

I love how stray cats choose their owners.

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Thanks @Diane_Miller.

Yeah, I think he chose to live here because I have such a soft head,uh, I mean, heart…

Lovely…and how nice a ginger cat found you…such a nice colour story amonst the green!

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Oh my, Terry! This is such a sweet photo and story! It’s always an honor to be adopted by a furry creature. Looks like a great cat. You really captured his curiosity well. It could be a picture on a story book about the cat’s adventures. Well done!

Thanks @Vanessa_Hill. He’s a nuisance and fun to have around at the same time!


Btw, thanks to @Dennis_Plank for the unexpected EP!

Congrats on the EP. Well deserved. Great capture; brings a smile to my face.

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HI Terry, I love this image! It makes me smile. I’m surprised the butterfly stayed still long enough for the kitty to investigate. Great capture!

Hi @Mary_Dean. I’m glad you enjoyed the photo. The butterfly didn’t stay long, but he was pretty intent on feeding! Thanks!