Wild Ride

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Technical Details

1/2000 sec f/4 ISO 200


Hi Andre, salmon swimming upstream is the immediate reaction to your image that popped in my head. Really awesome abstract image! The contrast of white with patches of orange and browns look nice. The patch of orange on the upper right edge catches my eye as I do border patrol around the image. Otherwise, this is another wonderful image from you. Thanks!

Fall colored leaves going over a waterfall is what this tells me although I have no doubt that’s not what this is. Truly abstract, Andre. I agree with @Alfredo_Mora that the URC/edge catches my although I think there needs to be some color there or the entire upper right quadrant would just be white. Maybe add some canvas to the top and the right side of the image?? I would also make some of the shadows darker in the right third of the image as there are no dark spots like there are everywhere else in the image. Not even a nit. Just an observation.

Wow, that’s a very impressive abstract, Andre. I could see this printed large, hanging on a wall, with a crowd of people looking at all the intimate details. Simply awesome.

@David_Bostock @Alfredo_Mora @David_Haynes Thanks for the comments.
Not much in the way of falls here. This is another beach shot. A shore breaker with some Sargassum seaweed thrown in the mix.
I darkened a few spots and desaturated the corner.
Good call. Thx


You cease to amaze with your imagery. I would bet a good amount of money to say this was ice over a gravely river bed - I’ve seen this very thing on the shores of the Merced… But alas, I would be wrong and knew instinctively where you live you’re not likely to run across frozen river shores… :slight_smile:

Fantastic natural abstract and image capture. I would agree with others and my only suggestion is a general crop from the left. It eliminates the URC and also reduces the somewhat featureless right 10% of the frame. Minor point, but maybe worth mentioning.

I swear peeking thru the “ice” is see gravel… but I guess it’s really just seaweed. Amazing.


Much Better.

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Thanks for the comments Lon. Yes that’s seaweed peaking out from below. We’ve been swamped with it for the last couple of years.

Wonderful Andre. Knowing where you are I was sure it is a water scene, but couldn’t imagine what the lovely splurges of colour are. To me it’s a really good abstract because, as David B noted, a succesful abstract is one that makes you look, and look, and look at the details within (to me anyway). That lets the imagination run wild and you then see many scenes, real or imagined, within the photo. Love it. Cheers.

Great abstract, Andre! I haven’t any critiques to add - looks great.

Thanks for the comment Bonnie.

A lovely abstract, Andre. Like others, my first thought was ice,. Interesting that beach foam can produce such a similar effect. The the browns, yellows and oranges work wonderfully with the whites.

Thanks for the comments @Dennis_Plank I just realise from most of the comments that it seems as if I’m shooting down on the wave. This is actually shot perpendicular to the face of the wave as it breaks on the shore. Like how you would traditionally shoot a waterfall.

This is a very cool abstract, Andre! I love the complexity of it

Thanks for the comments Martha.

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My first thought is Jackson Pollock in the throes of what he does best! It’s really interesting and beautiful. The water texture is amazing, more like ice - and the colors are wonderful and unexpected. Luminous yellows and whites for the sea, I think this adds to the abstractedness of the image. Darkening the shadows on the right closes off the image nicely. This will look great in a big size on a white wall!

This is super interesting. Not only does the photo pull me in, but also I enjoyed reading all the comments about what the photo looks like, but isn’t. Delicious abstract on many levels, lots to chew on.

Actually, looking again, the darkening of the shadows on the right adds depth to the image on that side. The eye can go deep and stay in, rather than skimming the surface. Perfect rework!

@LauraEmerson, Pamela Thanks for the comments. About 3 years ago I had just gotten my 200mm dry port for my water-housing and was very excited to take it out for a test spin. I was looking forward to trying some abstract wave shots. My plans were sabotaged by a crazy influx of Sargassum seaweed. After a couple of weeks with no change in the invasion levels, I decided to try and make the most of it and see if I could maybe get a project out of it. It’s still in the works and I’m thankful that I managed to come away with a few shots from the series. This is my favourite so far.

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