Yaquina Classic

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I’ve carried on a love affair with the Oregon coast almost all my life of 74 years. I grew up in Indiana but my maternal grandparents lived in Oregon and had a beach house at Yachats that my mom and I would go just about every summer. As an adult I try to go back as often as I can and I indulged myself with a one week photo tour of the coast in early October. I enjoy shooting the lighthouses and this time I was more excited since I have a drone and was going to be able to shoot the lights from the ocean side for the first time. On this morning the light was especially nice and the sea conditions were just boisterous enough to be interesting and the winds were light enough that I was able to fly the drone with minimal angst. This was one of many favorites but probably the one that depicts the morning the best. All comments welcome. >=))>

Technical Details

DJI Mini 3 Pro
ISO 140, 1/120 @ f1.7, CPL


A really well done image Bill, very attractive and interesting. I like your orientation, which captured all the best parts of this scene, from roiling white water, through the cliffs and lighthouse, to the distant hills. Lighting was nice and even and what I find especially interesting are the water patterns in the LR quadrant…cool!

What a cool view!! Lovely soft light but clear enough to have a view of the distant shore. The lighthouse stands out beautifully!

Hi Bill. I love the shot of the lighthouse, and your vantage point! Excellent! I am from Ohio and moved to Washington 25 years ago. I love going to the Oregon coast, usually at least once a year. And we usually stay in Lincoln City and we do visit this lighthouse. It’s so fun to go at Low tide and take the stairs down to the water. Those rocks tho…whew. I’m always afraid I will turn my ankle. So much interest in this photograph, my eye just roams and roams. Thank you for sharing!

A fresh dynamic scene where the movement continues from the foreground to the far horizon. Just the right moment to capture the bubbling waves. I was wondering if the lower part could be cut off a little so that the shape would be a little less elongated
Pretty good picture quality in that little drone. The advantage of the vertical picture is considerable compared to my old Pro2, which could not even take such a picture.

Thats very nice Bill. I like the idea of attempting to fly a drone with ‘minimal angst’. I may have to adopt that phrase. I really enjoy how you composed this. That line of the wave leading to the rock and then the surf around the point. I dont really have much critique. If i were to say anything it would be that you could crop out some of the clouds at the top. I dont know if that might unbalance the photo instead.

Hi Bill. I like this photo a lot. The perspective from your drone is very different from most of the photos I have seen of Yaquina Head. I especially like the inclusion of more of the rocks that this perspective offers. It turns out that I also visited the Oregon Coast in the fall a couple of years ago. I understand the challenge of the sea fog. :slight_smile: