Yellowstone Serenity

A re-worked Oldie , one of my favorites.
Bison grazing in snow-muffled silence broken only by an occasional wolf howl, beyond a stand of skeletal trees.

2007:02:05 12:45:49
1/750 sec, f/8
Mode: Av
Metering: Multi-segment
Exp comp: +2/3
ISO: 200
White balance: Flash
Flash: Off

All comments welcome

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I seem to remember this one, Sandy. A really lovely image with a lot more to look at than appears at first glance. I might be tempted to remove that small leaning tree in the foreground as it seems to disrupt the flow of the image, but that’s pretty minor.

I have always had mixed feelings about that little tree - would love to hear what others think - yes or no?


It’s a stunning image Sandy ! I don’t remember seeing it before but it is awesome!
And I don’t mind the leaning tree at all.:sunglasses:

This is my first time seeing this shot, and I think it’s fantastic. Such wonderful graphic elements. I’m not a “cloner,” so I would keep the leaning tree, but from an artistic standpoint it would probably be cleaner without it.


This is about as good as it gets Sandy! Wow…

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You can almost hear the quiet. I like the relation of bison and trees. There is multiplicity with both, yet the snow brings them so rightly together. One accenting the horizontal, while the other, the vertical. I think you need the little tree, because the photo may seem too neat, too composed without it. That little tree adds some motion, asymmetry, and life as you find it. It can seem to annoy a little, but I thinks that’s good. Well done.

Lovely image. I heard years ago that Navajo rug weavers deliberately create a flaw in every rug they weave, through which the evil spirits can escape. Not sure if it’s true, but it’s a good story. That being said, I have certainly cloned out many little annoying objects, but I actually think that little tree balances the composition.

I appreciate people’s thoughts about the leaning tree. I left it in, as I felt that it broke up the too-symmetrical balance of the scene and added interest.
I think I’ve posted a couple very similar versions of this - one in 2007 when it was taken, and again in 2010 for the 10-yr anniversary of NPN1 .

I saw it only now… It is a fascinatingly simple image, still full of complex details… I love the high key and the contrast between the linear shape of the trees and the spot-like nature of the buffalos, and the fact hat one can see the aspect and details of the animals… It is a beautiful scene, that captures the eye and the heart…

Sandy, I missed the re-post for the 10th and I wasn’t a member when you first posted. This is a wonderfully evocative image-perfectly balance, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Excellent.

Wow! What a great capture!

Congratulations Sandy-on both of your awards!

This has to be one of the most striking images I have seen on NPN.

Congratulations on the award. Really outstanding work Sandy.

Very striking Sandy. Congratulations on your award.

Congrats on the annual editors pick award. It’s a very unique and beautiful work.

Congratulations Sandy on your editor picks for 2018. Your body of work is exceptional!