Deep Blue Cosmos


Underwater image of a bubble in front of a sunburst, taken freediving in the sea.

Hard to say how close to the lens it is, but I’d say about 8-10cm (around 3-4 inches).

This image is part of series called “The Mystic Blue” after a D.H. Lawrence poem which, in my view, evokes a similar sort of visual scene and atmosphere (yeah, how incredible is that?)

Specific Feedback Requested

This is a first edit, done a couple of years ago, which I intend to revisit after having substantially developed my post-processing skills since.

Any feedback welcome.

Have posted a crop, but it feels a bit too chunky. Hmm… probably need to go back to the drawing board.


Larua, this is an amazing image that is both beautiful and energetic. I like it a lot! You have really captured the moment and at the same time managed to place the sun in the right spot. I like the blue colors but could not judge if they comply with reality or not (and I think that that is not very important). I have only a minor comment on the post-processing, and that is to erase a few white spots placed very close to the border. I am looking forward to more images from your series.

This is surreal, Laura. Wow. I love the composition. Great catch with the bubble and the sunstar behind it. I can’t comment on the colors but they look realistic to me. Well done. And thanks for the D.H. Laurence reference. Nice!

I think this is wonderful! I would never have guessed what created the forms and light. The color is fascinating. I don’t see how it could be processed and better.

I might think about taking a little off the right to balance the visual weight, but I’d hate to lose much of the rays.

Off the charts visually and creative wise, Outstanding,

@Ola_Jovall Hello Ola and thanks for your comment! I’m very pleased to know that the image speaks to you. Yes, I think it’s energetic too and that’s one of the aspects that I found most surprising when I first saw this shot. I have another, bluer version, but I find it a bit too screaming and obvious though I haven’t yet decided… I hope it doesn’t take me years ha! I have noted your suggestion about cleaning up and will address it in my next edit. Many thanks!

@David_Bostock Many thanks, David. Though I do try to compose as best I can, I am grateful to Lady Luck… luck and photography, a big subject hey? There is considerable artistic license with regards to the colour. I’m well aware that it’s a dark greenish blue but don’t wish to go too blue. It’s good to know that it doesn’t look unrealistic to your eye. And yes, the whole poem is wonderful. I wasn’t sure if I should post it under the image and besides, it goes best with the whole series.

@Diane_Miller Many thanks for your appreciation, Diane. I addressed the colour in my responses above and then came to your comment, which I found reassuring! Somehow this dark greenish blue echoes more strongly my feeling of being underwater. Thinking about it, the underwater landscape in the Med contains a lot of green as the sea floor, where it is healthy, is covered with beautiful seagrass meadows - so perhaps this colour conveys their presence somehow? But then it is no longer quite “The Mystic Blue”… I agree with you about taking a little off the right. I don’t feel very confident about chopping off too much, but I’ll attempt it.

@Dan_Kearl Made my day, thank you!!

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Oh wow, Laura! This is really an incredible image. I’m just sitting here enjoying all the bubbles, and the light shining through. Well done!

Laura, this is stunning! I love the color, the shapes of the bubbles, and the light around the main bubble formation. As some others have suggested, perhaps cropping the negative space on the right side would help balance out the overall composition. May I ask what kind of underwater housing did you use? Beautiful striking image that truly draws me in to explore.

This is one oof those great photos we take by instinct, rather than our mind. Fantastic; well done!

This image makes me happy. I love the color of the water, the crispness of the bubbles. I love underwater images.

@Shirley_Freeman So nice to know that my image is being enjoyed, thank you Shirley!

@Alfredo_Mora Thank you, Alfredo! It’s great to know that it draws you in. I shall definitely try to crop in the way suggested. I use fantasea housings for my compacts. Highly recommend them!

@J_Fritz_Rumpf Totally agree with you. It wasn’t even a particular good day in the water, so had no idea “I got anything”. Many thanks for the appreciation!


Makes me happy that this image makes you happy! Many thanks, Nicole :smile:

I had to look up the poem! Really nice! I keep looking at this, Laura, and I can’t get out of my head my first impression that the big curving bubble really looks like a huge whale ! Beautiful capture!

Many thanks @Vanessa_Hill for your appreciation, and for looking up the poem :smiling_face: You are right, the bubble somehow evokes a whale, I see that too!

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Laura, the sharpness of the bubbles and their positioning through the frame look great. Having the sun behind adds very well. Both versions look good although the extra space in the wider view “feels” better. If you go that route, it’s probably worth cloning out that very bright bubble at the right edge.

Laura: I’m late to this party but wanted to add my kudos. A unique and spectacular image. >=))>

This is unbelievable Laura. With the crop and some of the little white dots removed I honestly can’t think of any way to drastically or even minimally improve upon this. Was this made by exhaling? And that shutter speed! 1/32000 of a second. Great depth for f/6.3.
There is so much to look at with all of those bubbles. I am really enjoying this one Laura. Well done in every regard.

@Mark_Seaver Many thanks for your appreciation and feedback. Well, I thought that the extra space on the right suggested a more space-like feel, as in outer space, but I can also see why it dilutes the impact of the bubble as well, as other people who have commented here feel. It’s such a tough call really, down the mid-line without any hint of leaning to one side or the other… ah it’s tough being a photographer!

@Bill_Fach Many thanks, Bill. Happy to read your comment!

@David_Haynes Many thanks, David! I’m very pleased to know that you are finding the image enjoyable. Yes, that’s correct. Not sure how safe it is to repeatedly exhale bubbles all the way up free diving, but I’m still here…! Good DOF at 6.3 is thanks to the compact. Much to be said for compacts, really. I will be attempting similar stuff this summer with a FF but I doubt that it will bring up the goods. Though if it does, the image quality could be even more spectacular.