Longwood Tulips

I thought I would post this in anticipation of heading back to Longwood Gardens as they are slowly opening with restrictions for members. I have missed the tulips for this year, but it should be about time for the water lilies. I tried to incorporate the one long limb into the composition. Just wondering how that works for everyone.

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What technical feedback would you like if any?

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What artistic feedback would you like if any?

All C&C welcome

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Nikon D800, Nikon 17-35 @ 30mm, f 18 @ 1/100 sec, ISO 400, CPL, cable release & tripod

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Ed: The tree is a great complementary element and the long branch is a good framing piece. I like the scene and the capture. Makes me want to be there. :+1: :+1:>=))>

Beautifully composed Ed. I love the long tree branch. It frames the scene perfectly. Too bad you missed this year but you captured this in great light with a profusion of flowers. The inclusion of the lighter yellow flowers as well as the white flowers really adds to the foreground elements and is quite harmonious. The background is perfectly muted so that there is no distraction from the foreground. Really nice shot Ed.

Beautiful photo. Great composition!

Lovely, Ed. I really like the tree as an element of the image. The one nit I have, and it could just be me, is that the lighter yellow patch of flowers on the right gives me the optical illusion that the image is canted slightly right and down, though the horizon says otherwise. I’d be tempted to give it just a hint of counter clockwise rotation to see if the two cancel.

Ed, this has a truly inviting glow with all of the yellows at the bottoms. The tree with it’s long limb and shrubs make a great background. (Guess the Longwood folks understand formal gardens… :wink:)

Thanks folks @Bill_Fach, @David_Haynes, @Tony_Siciliano, @Dennis_Plank and @Mark_Seaver for the kind words; always appreciated.
@Dennis_Plank: Here is a repost with 0.5 degree CCW rotation. Any better to your eye?

Just beautiful, Ed. Love everything about this, with the bright colored flowers, the green in the background, but that tree with that long limb down low frames it nicely. Great shot.

Looks great, Ed. I was going to suggest a rotation, but I was outflanked on it. Great look at the flowers and really nicely composed.

Yeah, Ed. that did the trick for me. Silly what .5 degrees can do.

Great shot, Ed. The yellows really seem to glow. The composition is a perfect fit for the landscape orientation. The bands of flowers, the green patch of grass and the limb topping it all off.

Thanks everyone @Shirley_Freeman, @Harley_Goldman, @Dennis_Plank and @Michael_Lowe for your kind words as they are always appreciated.
@Dennis_Plank & @Harley_Goldman: Glad the rotation works for you guys. I usually use the level in camera, but I am thinking of maybe investing in a bubble level for the hotshoe as I find a lot of my horizons being about 0.5 degrees off when processing them.

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Hi Ed.

Wonderful scene of the tulips at Longwood. The last time I was there for the tulips there were so many people you couldn’t get at clean shot of just the flowers. Miss the Longwood experience this year. How about arranging a NEPN trip early next season for the tulips? Blue poppies… orchids!


For me the image is held together by this long branch. Without, it possibly would have been just a patch of yellow and a patch of green. I also like the thin, slightly undulating strip of grass. The colours match very well.