Oh the stories I could tell

This is from a recent visit to my local park. I’ll refrain from revealing more so as to let your imaginations run wild.

Specific Feedback Requested

I composed to this have an overall sense of diagonal flow or movement. The blues and yellows/greens were naturally present although I pushed both of them a bit to enhance the color contrast. Do you find this effective?

Technical Details

Focus stacked.


Pretty cool. Is this from a cut or some other action? The texture reminds me of embroidery in a sense - that it’s made of thread. Terrific shapes and patterns. Well seen. Have you experimented with darkening the surround and teasing apart the tonalities in the lighter center? I bet you could do wonders with some luminosity masking there.

Dean, this looks like wood, with an excellent maze in the middle. A fine find.

Hi Dean,
This looks a little like Ironwood but I am probably way off, Rosewood maybe?

My first thought was about the diagonal composition, then I read your comment.
The square format works well here, too.
There is a sense of flow with turbulence in the grain.
The shape at the UR corner made me think of a frog for some reason.

Nice find and its well presented. :slight_smile:

What a great piece of wood. I love finding things like this. The patterns are amazing. Makes me think of van Gogh’s Starry Night. There are many ways you could go with editing this. Might be fun to experiment. That being said, I really like this image.

Thank you, @Kris_Smith, @Mark_Seaver, @Merv, and @Chris_Baird. The subject is a fallen trunk of a tree. I don’t know the species–I really should learn tree species. I’ll try out some alternative edits as suggested. When I posted this to FaceBook, one of my friends also thought of van Gough.

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A great image with its patterns and colors. Agree with the previous suggestions. In addition, you could include a little bit more of the face in the URC!

In Dutch this is called a ‘warrelknoest’. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good translation. I do like your colours. And I do like this overall view. But main interest for me is in the intricate shapes and curves. I see several opportunities for crops of details that, together with this overall view, would make a great series.

Thank you, @Ola_Jovall and @Igor_Hoveijn.

Well, I’m not sure how I missed seeing this interesting shot, Dean. Sorry I am coming in late. I really like shots like this, it makes me think I am looking at an aerial view. I’m guessing it is some kind wood. Wood can be very interesting, and certainly makes for a good subject. I love all the different shades and colors, as well as the all the shapes and lines in this.

No problem, @Shirley_Freeman. I much appreciate your comments.

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