Please pass the grape jelly!

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


The oriole feeders are busy as young birds have fledged and female orioles have joined the males at the grape jelly bar. This is a yearling male Baltimore oriole that never developed the striking coloration of the typical adult male. Nevertheless, he has been successful so far with parental duties. Luckily for him, he only has to deal with a single, very demanding youngster.

Specific Feedback

What dou you think about the comp? Smoke from Canadian wildfires provide bright, but diffuse lighting. I used some fill flash to brighten up the scene.

Technical Details

Z9 600mm f4 (1/640 sec at f8.0, ISO 1250, fill flash at -1.7ev) Levels, microcontrast adjustment, Topaz DeNoise AI, crop for comp.


Excellent detail in both birds, Jim. The parent/child feeding action really makes this image. I do think it’s time to switch out your perch with a new one just for variety.

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What a terrific capture, Jim. I have not been able to even get a photo of an Oriole this year, much less one as interesting as this. As Dennis mentioned, excellent detail in the birds, and a pleasing background. Well done. Btw, it sometimes takes the males two to three years to attain their full coloration.

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Wonderful detail and action! The perch does fit for this composition.

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Great action and a fine background to go with it. If you cropped out the “extra twiggy bit” under the branch, you might be able to crop a tiny bit from the bottom and have a slightly cleaner comp, but that’s a minor detail. It’s a winner, Jim.

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Thank you @Dennis_Plank , @terryb , @Diane_Miller , and @Mike_Friel for the critiques. @Dennis_Plank , I did a stick change yesterday and hopefully more images will be taken. Camera work for birds is improving too…Jim