Rainy day in the lichen forest

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The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


We have finally had our first real rain in six months (normal here on the west coast, for a change, after a lot of drought years). I wanted to take advantage of the last of the color on the Black Oaks but trying to capture an abstraction in the rain didn’t work so I resorted to ICM. The moss is draping nicely but I liked being able to enhance it.

Specific Feedback

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Technical Details

Screenshot 2023-11-18 at 8.11.39 PM

A single frame, with a little dodging and burning and some low-opacity cloning. Almost full frame with a little off the left side and a small amount added on top.


I like this, Diane. I think you captured the feel of the rain soaked lichen very well with just the right amount of camera movement. A very small nit-there is a faint, but noticeable, horizontal branch a bit above the main center cluster that disrupts the vertical flow for me.

Thanks for catching that, @Dennis_Plank! It had bothered me but then I neglected to fix it. Fixed now on the master file but probably not worth a RP here.


I like this too. I like what the ICM has done for the spanish moss - still somewhat recognizable, but I like how the motion has enhanced the “droopiness” (word?) of the moss. This works very well.

As much as I like the motion blur of the moss in the upper section, my adversion to the tall digital vertical makes me want to crop this. So, hope you don’t mind, but I edited to crop, but since I had it in PS, I did some burning of some brighter moss, bumped the vib/sat and added a vignette.

Now I’m not sure… maybe the tall vertical is better at representing the hanging moss…

Oh, this is gorgeous, Diane! I love the tall vertical - it’s like a Japanese scroll.

Nicely done Diane! The image does give me the vibe of hiking in the rain. The colors are quite pleasing. I also like how the moss seems to be hanging over the foliage underneath which adds some wonderful depth to the frame. I think the tall vertical composition suits the subject and story of the image.

Oh, Diane, this is nice. Perfect ICM with the lichen in the rain. It all goes together well. Nicely done.

Thanks, @Lon_Overacker, @Bonnie_Lampley, @Alfredo_Mora and @Shirley_Freeman. I like the bump in saturation that Lonn suggested. For me, either crop works. Maybe a subtle burn from the top on the taller one…??

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This beautifully expresses what I think it is you wanted to tell your viewers. I love the colors and the separation between the lichen and the fall color in the trees. There is terrific depth to this as well. You can clearly see in focus branches right next to OOF branches and lichen and it makes this almost 3 dimensional. I normally do not like a long 3x2 in portrait like Lon mentions but I think it works nicely in this image. In fact, you could even add more to the top or bottom and lengthen it even more. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @David_Haynes – it was a rather unique opportunity and I’m glad I went for it! I also like the idea of more canvas to and bottom – @Bonnie_Lampley had a really nice reaction with the Japanese scroll idea! I think it’s abstract enough to have several possible versions.

Very effective use of ICM. It really captures the feel of the moss dripping off the branches. I love the warm color palette.

Thanks, @Chris_Baird! It was fun to create and I doubt I’ll ever recreate that feeling in another image.