Taking Turns updated

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Looking for bees and found these flowers with lots of visitors around the flowers. I was after action so one bee leaving as the other came it.

Specific Feedback

I have cropped this, but I change it.

Technical Details

R6m2 RF 100-500 at 500, 1/2000 f/13 iso 1600 HH


Nice, Dean. You might pull down the highlights on the bright edges of the flower a tiny bit, but that’s they’re not too bad-just a minor eye attractant…

Dean, what a lovely shot. And two for the price of one! I agree with @Dennis_Plank about the highlights, but as he said, they aren’t too bad. I love how you placed the flower and the bees, The one on the right looks like he is concentrating on the flower, while the one on top looks like he might be thinking of flying away, and that allows him room to go. Nice find and capture.

Nice capture, with wonderful sharpness on the bees. I’m not in love with the crop, with all the visual weight on the right half. If it were me, I’d crop as much from the left as I could without crowding the bud tip, and add a little to the left. I think this is one where the flower could be centered.

Thanks for the feedback @Shirley_Freeman , @Dennis_Plank , and @Diane_Miller. I made an update which I think looks better.

Dean, I think the crop did help. Looks nice.

I do like the slight crop, Dean. Nice work.