The pollinators

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I changed from a new 105 macro lens to this 70-300 zoom for a longer working distance and wider focal range for the insects and the flower. The Ringlet butterfly was cautious but after 5 -10 minutes came in to feed on the closer Goldenrod blooms. A few quick adjustments to my position and I got in the faux backlight from the hillside. I was able to make quite a few “keeper” images . In this one, I very much like the legs softly straddling the florets. Getting the bee in focus was not a priority and during the after shot review I thought it was serendipitous cool that the backside just happened to fit in the munched out area of the leaf.

Specific Feedback

I am not so sure about the vertical comp and the Lower Right Corner slightly out of focus leaf blade in this image. But I do like the including much of the the Goldenrod flower and the features help provide a size perspective for this little butterfly.

Technical Details

Nikon Z 5 with VR 70-300 Nikor lens @ 280mm, 1/500s @ f8 ISO 400, handheld.

What a cool shot, Stephen! I especially love the back lighting on the wings of the butterfly. The vertical frame works for me. Yes, longer lenses do work well for capturing closeups of these little guys, giving them some space from us and our camera gear. Nicely done.

Beautiful, Stephen. I love the lighting in this image and the depth of field works well. The bee is a cool addition showing how popular this flower is.

Stephen: Great catch with really nice lighting. For me the butterfly is the star of the show and I actually see the bee as a distraction that keeps pulling my eye away from the main subject. I would be inclined to make it go away and simplify the shot. I could even see a really tight crop on the butterfly and its perch. >=))>

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Thanks for the comments @Shirley_Freeman @Dennis_Plank @Bill_Fach. Bill I do have a re-crop of the image that eliminates the bee. Have a half dozen images of this subject and thought the bee was an annoyance in most all of them. Appreciate your input and the re-crop.